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Garlic for the lungs

Garlic adds amazing flavour to our food, but did you know it contains many health benefits that are especially good for the lungs, as well as cold and flu symptoms?

In Ayurvedic medicine, garlic is classified as a pungent herb – for obvious reasons! It’s stimulating and creates heat within the body because it is part of the onion family. But it is also an expectorant which means it helps to loosen mucus, so can be particularly useful with coughs or a blocked nose.

The alkalising components of garlic help to neutralise acidic foods, which most of us need more of with too much coffee, alcohol and packaged foods. An excess of acidity in the body can start out with a runny nose or frequent colds. Inflammation can begin to develop if the acidity pH is not balanced with more neutralising alkaline foods. Along with garlic, consuming an abundance of leafy green vegetables is the easiest way to help maintain your pH levels.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), garlic is related to the lungs and the large intestine. Modern science now understands that the lungs are the main organ driving oxygen throughout every cell in our body. When we consume garlic, the medicinal oils are released and these vapours strengthen the lungs as well as the immune system.

In some cultures, garlic is thought to enhance sexual arousal due to its warming properties. But if you are not consuming garlic with your partner or you are worried about the unique after smell, chewing a few sprigs of fresh parsley can help.

Choose wisely. Live vibrantly.

Photo by LoboStudio on Unsplash

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