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Reishi: for adrenal support

This medicinal mushroom has been used in ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) long before it was discovered in Western apothecaries. Most importantly, it is an adaptogenic herb. Adaptogenic herbs are stabilisers, they help balance hormones and stress levels.

Reishi taken daily has amazing benefits to supplement the Jing. Think adrenals. Most of us are in need of adrenal gland support today. We are so plugged into technology, and everything is instant. As if life wasn’t stressful enough, we’ve landed in a bizarro reality called COVID-19 bringing new levels of stress and anxiety. Our bodies are crying out for additional support. And we know this by the lethargy we feel. How tired we are. How short our fuses run. Our stress is no longer an occasional occurrence but a regular and daily disruptor. Reishi helps the Jing to flow through the body, oxygen travelling from lungs to heart to brain.

Superfoods can be associated to their medicinal benefit in the body by their colour and shape. The Reishi mushroom is a great example of this. The reddish brown colour and kidney-like shape is a clear indicator that this polypore is a fantastic tonic for our kidneys.

This funny mushroom, which can grow to a considerable size – usually on the sides of trees, is an amazing immune booster. During the colder months and flu season, Reishi can support the immune system so that it is strong enough to combat viruses and bacteria that float around in public transport and air-conditioned buildings.

When purchasing any supplement, it is important to understand the philosophy, ethics and processes behind the company. The health supplement industry is huge, and unfortunately there are very few legal requirements that manufacturers must abide to in order to make and sell their product. This means what is included on their labels may not be entirely accurate. Many supplements are buffed out with fillers, creating an end result that does not provide the enhancement or health benefit you believed you were purchasing. It’s worthwhile to research the company whose product you want to buy to ensure you are purchasing a clean, environmentally and ethically safe product to receive the nourishment you deserve.

Choose wisely. Live vibrantly.

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