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Oil Pulling

Oil what?! It sounds weird but this ancient Ayurvedic practice is used to cleanse the mouth of toxins that accumulate during the previous night as part of the body’s natural detoxification process.

It’s a simple yet effective technique that can easily be added to your morning routine. Your mouth will feel clean and it’s a natural preventative to help against gum disease and cavities. The more you practice oil pulling the more you will notice the difference.

So here’s how it’s done.

First, scrape the tongue to remove any white or yellow coating with a tongue scraper or the back of a spoon will do just as well. This coating on the tongue is quite normal. However, if accompanied by an unusual taste or is particularly thick, you should seek medical advice as it could be indicative that something else is going on in the body, Scrape as much as you can, rinsing and scraping until the tongue is relatively clean.

Next for the oil swishing. It’s best to use a good quality oil. Highly processed oils such as canola, cottonseed or soybean oil should be avoided. These oils are highly processed which means when consumed by the body they translate into T3 or trans fatty acids that are directly linked to cancer forming cells and other diseases. When something is processed, it’s exposed to extreme heat causing the structure of the oil to change on a molecular level. This change in structure is dangerous in the human body. And more so because those oils mentioned above are all genetically modified. The oils that are safe to use for this exercise of oil pulling are coconut oil, olive oil and sunflower oil – organic or at least first pressed. Some people use grape seed or sesame oil. Again, ensure you are choosing a clean product.

Fill a teaspoon with oil and pop it into the mouth, but don’t swallow! Begin gently swishing the oil, pushing it back and forward, round and round. If you are using coconut oil and the oil has solidified you will need to swish it in your mouth for just a few moments, your internal body temperature will melt it quickly. The Ayurvedic practice recommends swishing for twenty minutes. This can be quite long and something to work up towards but five minutes minimum is great.

When you feel ready to discard the oil, make sure you don’t spit it down the sink as the oil will solidify and clog your drain. Best to spit it in the garden, or the bin.

You will notice the oil has now become a thick viscous white liquid. This means the body has captured the toxins that it doesn’t need. Once you have spit out the liquid, rinse with water then brush as usual.

Choose wisely. Live vibrantly.

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