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Maintaining healthy breasts

Every year October celebrates Breast Cancer awareness. The pink ribbon campaigns help fund new research and technologies to ensure that those impacted by this disease can have the best outcomes possible.

The big truth is that mammogram machines are old technology and have not been updated since they were introduced in the 1970’s. That’s nearly fifty years of out-dated science. Understand that you absolutely are exposed to radiation, although levels are considered low, it is enough to be covered with a heavy black rubber shawl to protect your face from being exposed.

The most alarming fact about mammograms comes from squashing the breasts in the machine to perform testing which actually causes tissue damage to this delicate area. Repeated exposure to this procedure has been proven to cause lumps and bring on cancerous cells in the breast. Our breasts are living tissue and are a unique shape. They are not intended to be squashed flat, or forced into unnatural positions.

Today there are alternatives that are much kinder to our emotional wellbeing, gentler on our bodies, and have a much higher rate of accuracy of detecting abnormalities.

  • Thermography is also known as Digital Infrared Thermographic Imaging. DITI uses infrared technology to detect heat in the body suggesting inflammation.  It’s safe, non-invasive and has a very high success rate.
  • Two other methods include ONCOblot a specific type of blood test that detects twenty-seven different types of cancer, and The Greek Test where the cancer cells are tested to determine the best treatment for the individual.
  • Other new technologies include DNA testing. You can read more about DITI, ONCOblot, The Greek Test and DNA testing here.
  • Clinics such as The Gerson Institute specialises in juice therapy along with yoga, massage and natural supplements. 
  • Self care and self awareness are vital to maintain optimum health. Prevention is always the best. This short video by sex expert, Layla Martin, provides some self-nourishment exercises for the breast.

Additionally, when you are in the comfort of your home, rip off that bra – especially if you wear underwire! The wire can cause issues with breast tissue, particularly if the bra is not fitted properly. Removing the bra also gives the breast the freedom to work for themselves, rather than being supported all the time.

All illnesses whether a form of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, dementia or arthritis – are directly related to our lifestyle. The food we choose to eat, our exercise regime and stress factors all play a part and contribute to the illness that our bodies endure. Genetics can have some influence however in today’s world of technology and information there is no reason for this epidemic of disease that we are encountering. We have the information and we have the tools to ensure that, at least in the Western world, we consume the best, freshest, cleanest food and water we can.

Choice is everything.

Choose wisely. Live vibrantly.

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Unsplash

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