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Finding congruency in life and purpose

What does it mean to be congruent? And how do you apply it to your daily life?

The Cambridge dictionary says that congruency is ‘similar to or in agreement with something, so that two things can both exist or be combined without problems.’

The same theory applies to mathematics giving us the congruent triangles. It means that all sides of the triangle are the same size and shape. Consistency.

If you think about the sentence, all sides are the same size and shape, we can sculpt and apply words to fit into daily life.

Imagine the triangle has one word aligned with each line. The base line says goals. The line to the left says values. The line to the right says attitudes. If you apply the mathematical theory that each side of the triangle is equal in size and shape, then we can apply the same here. It means that your goals, your values and your attitudes are consistent.

We can change the words.

Think. Feel. Actions. Therefore, the way you think should also be the way you feel. The way you feel should also be the outcome of your actions.

Each word is linked. It has meaning and purpose that is consistent with each other.

To live with congruency is to follow your heart, your deepest desires, your values, your goals, whatever fills your cup with joy and love. It is to live in harmony with your choices and decisions because these define who you are. They create the fundamental core of your individualism, what you believe in, what you are passionate about.

To live with congruency in life and purpose, is finding peace within yourself. It’s finding your passion. Maybe it’s your mission in life. Maybe you are already living it.

Regardless of what other people say or think, this is who you are and this is your choice. With clarity of how you want to live your life, and with daily practice, harmony can be achieved. Congruency in life and purpose.

Choose wisely. Live vibrantly.

Photo by Scott Kirwan on Unsplash

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