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3 ways to stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is an essential component to good health. When we are born, our bodies consist of around 90% water. As we age, this drops nearer to 70% as we become adults. That’s still two-thirds of the human body that is made up of water.

Hydration is something we naturally think more about during the warmer months. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with summer. Hydration is something we should be thinking about every, day in every season.

If you rely on the body to tell you that you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. If you rely on the dark discolouration of your urine, you are already dehydrated.

Drinking water should be a natural process of your day. Clean water that has not been tampered with. Clean water that is straight from the spring is best, but this is not always accessible, especially if you live in a city. Choosing the best water is a topical and opinionated subject. Limit the amount of plastic bottled water that is consumed, and either set up a filtration system to your kitchen or look for the ceramic crocks that sit on your bench.

But it’s not enough to just drink water. You can add simple things to increase the hydration and electrolytes. Here are 3 things you can do to increase your hydration:

  • Add the juice of a half a fresh lemon to your water.
  • Add a pinch of Celtic sea salt to your water.
  • Add chia seeds with a little honey, allow to sit and swell before drinking.

Consuming at least 1.5 litre to 2 litres per day is recommended. This will depend on your individual body weight, height and how active you are.

Try to avoid water that has added flavours, they are usually high in sugar. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that work best!

Choose wisely. Live vibrantly.

Photo by Gilles Rolland-Monnet on Unsplash

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