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The three pillars of mental health

Statistics show that mental health and related issues, such as anxiety and suicide, has been increasing exponentially over the past ten to fifteen years. That means our mental wellbeing has been on a downward trajectory well before the pandemic. The shut downs, isolation and dramatic changes to the way we as social beings have been impacted, has only increased these numbers and shone a light on an already dire situation.

There are three pillars to wellbeing of the mind. Mental. Physical. Financial.

The first signs of mental health concerns shows up as burnout and exhaustion. It is the body’s way of dealing with extended periods of stress. Largely caused by working long hours, economic insecurity, work and family conflicts, high job demands and low job control. The impacts of mental health issues are considered to be as harmful to the body as second hand smoke.

We all know that the mind and body are connected. So it makes sense that if our mental wellbeing is under duress, we will see evidence in our physical body too. Physical changes can begin to appear and impact the sophisticated systems within the body that keep us running well. Physical changes that can show up as inflammation or other precursors to dis-ease.

You may not associate your financial wellbeing with any other health matter. But it stands to reason it is included in this equation because money can be one of the biggest causes of emotional, mental and physical stress. Now more than ever, with so much shifting and change occurring globally, people have greater concern for their financial day-to-day living and their future.

It’s so important to manage your own wellbeing. Create time and space for yourself. That might mean reading a book or going for a run. Exercise is important for the the mind and they physical body. It’s just as important to nourish your mind with positive information. Maintaining an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis creates consistency towards physical and mental wellbeing. It’s easy to reach for sugary foods during times of stress but it just adds to the tension, increasing your blood sugar and possibly blood pressure too.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, happiness comes from within. But money sure does make things a little easier and we all want to be in a position of not having to worry about paying the bills. Create a budget to manage expenses or speak to someone who specialises in this area could be a good starting point. Flexible work options are now common with many workplace environments as people are finding a good balance of family and work commitments.

Life can be tricky, there is always a curve ball around the corner. It’s how you deal with that curve ball that counts. Take action now. Start managing your health so that you are in a better position to deal with whatever is around the corner.

Choose wisely. Live vibrantly.

Photo by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho on Unsplash

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