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Nettle tea: a yin tonic

Nettle taken as a tea is an incredibly beneficial remedy to include in your regime. It’s thought to have a great effect in curbing the mid afternoon slump.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), nettle relates to the kidney and bladder, largely due to it’s ability to act like a diuretic. It is considered a yin tonic for these organs specifically, as it is often used to help cleanse, tonify and relieve distress often associated in people who have too much heat in their bodies. Too much heat is said to be excessive yang, we want a balance of yin and yang.

Nettle supports the liver. In TCM, the liver is responsible for the Qi, also known as Prana or Life Force. The liver can be where we store negative energy, anger and frustration. A healthy liver encourages good bowel movement. Good bowel movement means good digestion.

Nettle can relieve inflammation associated with arthritis, bones joints and muscles.

It is classified as a pungent and salty herb, and this is because it has a high level of minerals, namely sodium chloride. Nettle can provide good internal support as well as strengthen bones, teeth and hair.

It has an earthy taste that may be too much on it’s own at first. Try adding some mint or fresh lemon. Enjoy!

Choose wisely. Live vibrantly.

Photo by Paul Morley on Unsplash

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