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Supplements: should you take them?

Should you take supplements? It’s difficult to know when the market is over saturated with not only vitamin and health supplements, but conflicting information too.

The short answer is yes!

And here’s why. Our grandparents, and possibly even parents, grew up with produce that was grown in healthy soil. The produce was not necessarily certified organic, but it was clean. It was not sprayed with harmful pesticides that have proven to cause dis-ease in the body including endocrine disruptions. The main culprit is Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (kudos if you can pronounce it!), commonly known as DDT.

After World War II, DDT was widely used to eliminate insects that were destroying crops. It’s use was slowly banned in various countries around the world however it was not until the early 1990’s that the majority of farming ceased the use of DDT and its various formulations. In 2004 a world wide ban was issued with most countries complying.

The environmental effects of the extensive use of DDT and other chemical pesticides still in use, means the soil in which our crops are grown is not only severely depleted of nutrients but the surrounding environment is impacted too. The organisms that live in the soil. The birds that feed on these organisms. The water that runs off the soil and into the waterways, and then the marine life. Everything is effected. Everything has an on flow effect. Yet slowly we are seeing a return to nature and a revitalisation!

Another reason to consider taking supplements is simply due to the way we live. Never have we as a species lived in such intense, stressful and polluted times. Our lives are faster. Everything is instant and at your fingertips. Everything is online surrounded by radio waves and wifi. Never have we worked intensely longer days and commuted further for less pay.

So yes. Supplements can be very beneficial.

Although, a caution for you to be aware of. The health and supplement world is a billion dollar industry. Not all companies have your best interest at heart. Short cuts are taken. Cheaper ingredients can replace quality simply for quantity. It is worth understanding the company you are investing your money and your health with. Companies that are proud of their clean production,will usually advertise this on their website or social media because they want people to know they are the real deal.

How do you know which supplements are the right ones for you? There is no one answer to this question because everyone is so unique. It comes down to what are you goals. What is the health experience or outcome that you are hoping to achieve. There are supplements for everything today.

It is worthwhile to know what you want to get out of the supplement, and how you want it to assist you. What are your health ideals? It is also worthwhile to understand your own body. Learn to listen to what resonates, what feels right for you. If you are taking supplements, do you feel they are benefiting you?

Choose wisely. Live vibrantly.

Photo by Angel Sinigersky on Unsplash

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