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Inflammation: why do we have it?

As a health conscious community we are constantly looking for ways to reduce the inflammation in our bodies. We find some new and some not so new methods. We use foods and ancient traditions such as curcumin and turmeric to help calm the anger. We use ice and heat packs. We use massage and acupuncture. Sometimes we use pharmaceuticals to relieve the pain, especially when it feels like nothing else works.

All of these are beneficial ways to help reduce inflammation in the body. It is well documented that inflammation is the pre-cursor to more damaging and even life threatening dis-ease. Ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis, immune disorders and cancers.

It is important to understand that inflammation is a necessary part of the way our complicated body works. Inflammation is the natural response to deal with an injury, pathogen, bacteria or irritant. Inflammation is the natural response to be able to heal the body, protect and eliminate the initial cause.

The issue with inflammation is when we are continually exposed to the factors that cause the inflammation. The body is unable to respond to the increased rate of foreign elements attacking our systems and therefore becomes overloaded. The overload of inflammation means the body is no longer naturally repairing itself. The overload of inflammation results in toxins in the body, and this is where we see debilitating dis-ease.

What causes inflammation in the first place? Today, most of us are exposed to toxins such as pollution, chemicals in cleaning and skin care, pesticides on produce. Stress – be it workplace, financial, or relationships. Then there is the multitude of food components such as packaged and fast foods. These contain oils which become toxic when heated, high levels of sugar that decrease healthy levels of the microbiome and optimal brain health.

You can start to change this by becoming aware of what you are putting on to your skin. What chemicals do you have in the home? Wash your produce before consuming, especially if it is not organic. Choose ethical protein source. Learn to read labels and better yet, eliminate junk / fast food completely.

Conscious choices towards conscious living.

Choose wisely. Choose vibrantly.

Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash

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