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Sweat & Glow

Sweating is the natural mechanism instigated by the body to cool down the internal thermometer. When we sweat, it’s due to an increase in body temperature which can be caused by exertion such as exercise, or external factors like pathogens.

During exercise, the body produces droplets of water released through the skin to create a cooling effect. When we sweat from exercise, it is essentially to cool down so we can continue at pace. When we exercise we promote good cardiovascular health as oxygen is flooded to the cells, into the blood and up to the brain. It’s nothing but good messages, hence that feeling of a job well done after a hard work out.

If we are ill and have a fever, sweating is the natural process the body uses to combat the internal heat. It’s also an effective defense system against pathogens and bacteria.

The difference is that sweating from exercise is considered healthy as it boosts energy, while sweating through illness is purely to fight pathogens to make us feel well again. Either way, sweating has an important function with an ideal outcome of vitality.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. One of its greatest functions is elimination via sweat. Sweating has been found to release toxins and chemicals. Sweating promotes a healthy glow to the skin as it opens the pores to release any dirt that can result in pimples or blemishes. People who exercise regularly and sweat, often have clear skin.

Sweat may have an odor, caused by the droplets of water coming into contact with bacteria which can live on the skin. Also hormones can have a scent such as those produced by the glands in the armpits. Odor can also be a result of detoxification. For example, if you were to exercise after a big night with heavy alcohol consumption, or if you commence a cleanse or juice fast – either of these can instigate the elimination process via the skin.

Sweat is largely made up of salt, but can also consist of cholesterol, alcohol, ammonia, urea, sugar and other pollutants such as BPAs.

Sweating has been proven to not only create healthy skin, it can also assist to maintain healthy weight, regulate body temperature and improve sleep.

Choose wisely. Live vibrantly.

Photo by Logan Weaver on Unsplash

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