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Breathing frequencies

Did you know that when cats purr, it creates a vibration at a certain frequency that is healing?

We are all vibrating beings. Everything is made up of energy. Even solid objects are composed of energy fields at a quantum level. 

However, we all vibrate at different frequencies because we are each unique. Frequencies in humans can describe your state of being, or how you feel. The natural human frequency is 7.5 Hz. 

We can create a similar kind of vibrating frequency within ourselves by humming. The sound releases vibration frequency in the body, particularly the head and heart. Try it. Close your lips, maybe you would like to close your eyes too. Breathe in, then on the exhale hum, kind of like a bee. 

In yoga this is called Brahmari or humming breath. Humming like a bee. This style of breath, or humming, can help to create balance with circulation and flow. Humming has been shown to enhance mental and emotional clarity too.

The breath can assist to manage your mood. The power of the breath can ease stress, anxiety, as well increase energy. 

There are many different styles of breath work that can benefit you, especially during moments of stress. It doesn’t have to Brahmari or humming breath. You may like to try box breath where you breath in for the count of 4, hold for the count of 4, exhale for the count of 4, then hold for the count of 4. Or perhaps you are familiar with alternate nostril breathing. Or you can simply taking a few deep inhales and slowly exhale, as you do, feel the shoulders release and relax. 

Breathing techniques are beneficial for many reasons but one major reason is due to the vagus nerve that runs down the length of the spine, connecting the brain, organs and gut. The vagus nerve is constantly sending and receiving messages up and down. Taking a few moments to breathe can change those messages from anxiety to calm.

However you choose to practice breath work, next time a cat sits with you and purrs, give it thanks for the healing benefits you are receiving.

Choose wisely. Live vibrantly. 🌿

Photo by Jonas Vincent on Unsplash

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