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Movement and music

We all know that exercise is imperative. Exercise increases the heart rate, therefore increasing blood flow and oxygen through the veins, into each and every cell and up to the brain. It improves circulation. It improves lung capacity. It improves heart strength. It even improves the mood and brain function.

Our bodies are designed to move, there is no doubt about that. Without some form of movement, we may unintentionally create undue strain on our internal systems and physical body, leading to illness.

It can be a tricky subject because some of us love love love to exercise. We love the feeling of the adrenaline and endorphins that rush through the body as we push to create new limits. Some of us love the consistency and routine of a program. Some of us love the changes it develops towards a healthy body and healthy mind.

However, some of us prefer to keep things a little simpler, lower impact and a less sweaty variety of movement. Some of us dislike the word exercise. Some of us dislike the regimen that is attached to work outs.

We are all very unique and individual beings, and this is what makes life so much more interesting. We live in a world where we have so much option available. There are so many choices towards creating a healthy lifestyle and there is absolutely something to suit everyone’s choices.

I’m exploring movement with music. Yes, I know, its called dancing! And dancing is a fabulous way to move the body and get your heart rate up. 

But this is slightly different.

Have you ever turned up the music and allowed your body to move instinctively? Allowed your body to flow with the rhythms, whatever that looked like? Allowed your feelings to unleash and release? Letting go of all inhibitions. This is moving the body with music to find emotions within, and free yourself.

Have you ever noticed how certain music comes to your attention and it can invoke a certain feeling? Some songs make you want to get up and dance. Others make you want to cry. And some make you want to scream and shout and let it all out…as WILL.I.AM says.

Have you ever thought about using music to heal, release, or tap into creativity?  By finding music that suits your mood or feeling, you can tap into repressed emotions. For anger and disappointment, you might like to choose something loud and thrashy. Or perhaps something tribal from lands of primal drumming. It can be surprisingly therapeutic.

Similarly, using high vibe music that gives you that impulsive feeling to sing and dance can enhance your good vibe feelings.

We know there are repressed emotions when thoughts continue to emerge. Situations and circumstances constantly arise forcing you to remember, asking you to look at it head on so you can grow, and then move on.

Music can push you further. Music can allow you to embody your true self, your true feelings. Music can be incredibly liberating.

Dance has a strong cultural standpoint and influence. Each culture has its own style of movement.

Music and movement can be very powerful.

Release the anger. Forgive the sadness. Embrace the love. Celebrate the joy.

Of course, exercise with music can be helpful to release feelings too. Boxing or running or spin classes have great tempo.

However you choose to move, I invite you to bring different styles of music into your rhythm and let your body instinctively do its thing.  Let your body push that bit further while on your run. Let your body move freely while no one is looking, or even if they are, give them something to smile about.

Choose wisely. Live vibrantly.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

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