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The power of energy

The Cambridge dictionary describes energy as the power and ability to be physically and mentally active.

Physical energy is the ability to move the body. The power and the strength to provide mobility and vigorous activity. Physical energy is forward momentum, carrying your body through your life.

Mental energy is the ability to think clearly and decisively. The power to have clarity to provide answers and thought provocation. Mental energy is interactive with our emotions, our heart-felt centre, and can impact how you feel.

Physical and mental energy are intertwined with each other. One can influence the other. One can affect the other. One can create harmony or imbalance to the other. How we think can play a role in how you feel. How you feel can play a role in how you think.

However, energy can mean different things to each of us. Energy can be used in different ways.

It can be how you feel when you wake up, or lack of until you have had your cup of coffee. It can be the ability to run and run and run, exhausting emotion and feeling rejuvenated at the end of expanding your energy.

It can be the power generated by electricity, or the wind, or the sun, that provide light and heat in your house and to energise your environment. It’s the sun tingling your skin on a warm summer morning, or it’s what infuses life into the plants to make them grow.

It can be a metaphysical power that is not visible to the naked eye, yet can be felt by the physical body. Everything in the universe is made energy. It is the life force within all natural living things on the planet. 

By maintaining a healthy home, that is your body and your mind, the physical and the mental, the connection to the metaphysical power begins to open to receive. 

Nourishing your physical self with an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, clean sources of protein and water, allows your body to function well. Nourishing your mind with positive thoughts, gratitude and self-love, allows for purity of mind.

By fostering a healthy body and a healthy mind, the physical and the mental, we can create a space for greater connection to spirit or a higher power or God. The stillness between the body and the mind allows the heart to be heard, and at last we are in alignment.

There is an ancient Tibetan Buddhist practice called Tonglen, the art of giving and taking, or sending and receiving. It can be used as an exchange of energy during meditation using the breath. As you exhale release what is no longer of service. As you inhale bring in what fills you with joy.

Breathe in stillness, exhale turbulence.
Breathe in lightness, exhale heaviness.
Breathe in soothing, exhale pain.
Breathe in surrender, exhale resistance.
Breathe in acceptance, exhale judgment.
Breathe in forgiveness, exhale grievance.
Breathe in tolerance, exhale anger.
Breathe in expansion, exhale constriction.
Breathe in clarity, exhale confusion.
Breathe in peace, exhale conflict.
Breathe in wholeness, exhale separation.
Breathe in compassion, exhale sadness.
Breathe in joy, exhale suffering.
Breathe in ease, exhale struggle.
Breathe in flow, exhale effort.
Breathe in love, exhale fear.
Breathe in love, exhale love.

Be love, allow it to flow in and out of you with each breath. Be love.

Choose wisely. Live vibrantly.

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

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