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Movement and music

We all know that exercise is imperative. Exercise increases the heart rate, therefore increasing blood flow and oxygen through the veins, into each and every cill and up to the brain. It improves circulation. It improves lung capacity. It improves heart strength. It even improves the mood and brain function.

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Breathing frequencies

Did you know that when cats purr, it creates a vibration at a certain frequency that is healing?

We are all vibrating beings. Everything is made up of energy.

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Mental Health is REAL

Mental health and stress is real. Its a fact of life.

Statistics show that 45% of the population now experience some level of mental illness, be it anxiety, depression, substance abuse or other affective disorder.

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What is gut health?

Every year there is a new health fad. A type of diet – maybe the Atkins diet, or Keto, or Paleo or plant based. Maybe it’s a certain food hailed for its amazing health benefits, such as coconut oil. For a while now, the focus has been on gut health. And it’s all very confusing.

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How much protein should I have?

There is a lot of mis-information about protein, making it one of the most confused topics in the health industry.

Protein is a macro-nutrient, which means it is one of the three main essential nutrients required by the body to perform and function at an optimal level of health. Protein. Carbohydrates. Fats.

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When water freezes

Water is essential to our being. As adults, it makes up more than 70% of our internal systems and bodily fluids. This percentage…

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Sweat & Glow

Sweating is the natural mechanism instigated by the body to cool down the internal thermometer. When we sweat, it’s due to an increase in…

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