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Fearless Living

In a world filled with uncertainty and turmoil, maintaining a state of inner peace and tranquility can seem like an elusive dream. However, in the

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It starts with forgiveness

It starts with forgiveness. All healing, whether it is ancestral, past life or something more tangible with another person, starts with forgiveness. I’ve often heard

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Sit quietly and imagine. Allow your inner child to come out and play. Allow your creativity to unfold. Allow your curiosity to evolve. Come on

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Can mold make you sick?

Mold grows where there is a build up of moisture. Usually in buildings or pipes, but also in carpets, ceilings, walls and in our bathrooms. It can be in places you least expect it. And yes, it can make you sick.

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The Grace of Gratitude

What are your dreams for this new year. What are your desires. What is it that you want to bring in for yourself, for your family, for your business. 

Whether you set intentions or new year resolutions, a good place to start is with gratitude.

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The power of energy

The Cambridge dictionary describes energy as the power and ability to be physically and mentally active. Physical energy is the ability to move the body. The

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Toxins: The Nasty Nine

Are you aware there is a list called The Nasty Nine, outline 9 of the most harmful chemicals added to skin care, hair care and cosmetics?

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Movement and music

We all know that exercise is imperative. Exercise increases the heart rate, therefore increasing blood flow and oxygen through the veins, into each and every cill and up to the brain. It improves circulation. It improves lung capacity. It improves heart strength. It even improves the mood and brain function.

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